How do I create a licensed Triage device. 



  1. Select Admin tab
  2. Select Manage Licenses. 
  3. Select the device you want to license under Unlicensed Devices
  4. Select 'License Device'
  5. Name the USB device in the Volume Label field
  6. Select Format
    Triage will format the device. You can view the status of the device in the Status pane. If an error occurs follow the steps in the Status pane and attempt the format again. Or, check Also Re-Partition Device and try to format the device again if formatting fails. Formatting does the following things to the USB device
  • Formats the device as a single NTFS partition
  • Makes the device bootable
  • Adds a license file

Important: Formatting a USB device will remove all media currently on the device. Make sure that you don’t have any wanted data on the USB device. You cannot save more than one profile to a USB device. Each profile must have its own device. However, you can collect multiptle  target systems to one USB device.

  1. Select OK
    The USB device should now appear in the upper license pane of the Manage License dialog.