1. Once you have installed the AccessData Management Server component (as part of the Enterprise install) locate the new "Certificates" folder in the path:

    "C:\Program Files\AccessData\Management Server\"

2. In this folder you should see 8 certificate files, 4 with the hostname of the server you installed the ADMS on, and 4 called "ManagementServer... " (see below)

3. Cut the entire folder "Certificates" and paste it one directory back in the path:

    "C:\Program Files\AccessData\"

4. Next, change the names of the file "[hostname].pem" to "[hostname]_private.pem" and "ManagementServer.crt" to "[hostname]_public.crt"

(Note: This name change is to make it easier to identify the necessary certificates)

5. Create a new folder in the "Certificates" folder and copy the remaining certificate files into this new folder

6. Export the .PFX file from IIS, name the file "[hostname]_master.pfx", and put it in the Certificates folder (this requires giving the exported .PFX file a password - do not forget this password)


7. Once this is done, you should have within the "Certificates" folder the following 3 certificate files:


and another folder with the excess certificate files:


Certificate File Extensions