Enterprise Vault collection error c0041c67 (Unknown error) 



In most instances, you just need to restart the failed source.

This error message is thrown when Enterprise Vault is unable to access the index. This can be the index for an individual file or it could be the entirety of the index.

Review the collector logs to identify the type of exception. If you need further assistance, please send a copy of the Collector Logs to and we will help identify the type of exception.


Example of most common exception:
[pool-4-thread-30] [3780] 403- Exception occurred while extracting content of file....... com.perceptive.documentfilters.IGRException: Encrypted File, error code 5


In this example above, it is a single file that it could not crawl the index for. This is because it is encrypted, but it could also have been Password Protected, or otherwise inaccessible (corrupted).


If the Collector error is "Failed to search the index volume. (0XC0041C67)" then there may be a broader issue access the EV search index in its entirety. It could be caused by network issues, access (permission) issues to the storage location where the index is stored, or, in extreme situations, the index has become corrupted.


There are several other potential causes for search index issues as outlined by Veritas in this guide: