How do I configure FTK Central to collect from Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online?



  • Install Outlook 2016 (not 365) 32-bit Professional Plus on the FTK Central server (used for building PSTs when collecting email)
  • An Azure app built with the steps here


  1. From the FTK Central server, log in to FTK Central and click Data Sources
  2. Click Exchange
  3. Click Add Exchange
  4. From the Version drop-down, select Online/Office 365
  5. Do the following:
      1. Provide a Name for the connector
      2. Check Use Graph API
      3. Enter the Client ID and Client Secret from your Azure App
      4. In the Redirect Url field, enter https://localhost:4443/api/GraphApiAccessDataAdmin
        If FTK Central is using a custom port, change this URI to reflect that
      5. Choose whether or not to associate the connector to all custodians
      6. Click Save
  6. Under Actions click Edit
  7. Under Authorize click Exchange
  8. Follow the prompts to authorize your connector, then click Save
  9. Confirm the Refresh Token Status for your connector shows Active